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    New DG43GT - two small questions


      Hi: I just ordered and received a new, retail-box DG43GT as a replacement for my bad Intel motheboard: http://communities.intel.com/message/111110#111110


      I hooked everything up as expected and double-checked against the large multi-fold instruction sheet that came with the board. Two questions:


      (1) (I'm guessing an onboard PC speaker) makes a single, loud beep before POST and then again after (before the OS loads). My other Intel board did not beep so I wanted to make sure this was normal for this board. The multi-fold only talks about multiple beeps. It actually goes through POST really quickly so I can't see if there are any error messages, etc.


      (2) I'm noticing, under multiple circumstances, that when I (for example) switch the (new) power supply toggle switch the fans, etc. boot for about 5 seconds and then shuts off. I then press the power button and it powers up. The front panel power switch is connected to the correct pins but I'm not sure why the machine automatically powers on for just a few seconds and then turns itself off. It makes me wonder if there might be another problem. Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!