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    Intel 910/ 915 Video


      Our group has created possibly the first WDDM Video Driver (.exe) for Intel Mobile 915- sorry no 910. Works only on Windows 7, major bugs in Windows Vista. Please Email me if you want it. Bugs once in a while (please email if you find any). This is still in its infancy, but in about a year if intel signs it, I can had it out freely (hopefully). I reserve all rights.

        • 1. Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 915 fix

          Intel did not devote their resources so it was up to us to produce the media accelerator. In any case almost any board supports Windows (R) Areo, my assumption that, like our driver, it makes the processor really bogged down.


          The Driver that I have produced allows Areo and DVD Maker. The program changes Intel (R) GMA 915 to Intel (R) 945, thus tricking most applications. We have also established a Scheduler and many more features. So please Email me for a copy of the updated Intel (R) 915  .EXE driver.

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            Hi There


            Very interested to read your post and would love to give it a go on my machine. Are you able to send me a copy





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              I can give it out in a few months once we get the bugs worked out in the taskbar. Thanks for your interest.

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                Hello I have an acer laptop with this graphics card, Intel 915. He is with vista home premium without aero glass. I put the Windows 7 once but no aero glass in order better to stay even, for that visual basic matte blue sickens too fast. At some time I have been looking for a solution, because the driver that Acer says is designed not to handle aircraft in any way. I tried to find the vista beta 2 for download, but without success. Do not think more easily. I tried to find a driver (Lakeport) for the beta version of Vista, but also without success.


                After much searching, here, today I find the link to these post of yours stating that managed to create the first WDDM driver for that video card. I was very pleased to know.


                I wonder how good this project, if you already have the driver and if I could pass it. My email is: lieggio@gmail.com'll be very grateful!


                Ever thought of getting rid me of this notebook is good, runs everything I need, but as I've got used to the aero glass (on my desktop gets pretty thing in the glass windows 7) the visual basic windows "lost grace" .


                Please excuse my English. I'm Brazilian.



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                  Just updating the information. I went back to the notebook in Windows 7. Windows 7 Home Premium runs much better on my notebook than vista home premium.




                  I would love to send me the driver that supports WDDM and allows me to use the aero glass.





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                    Any prograss?

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                    • 7. Re: Yup!

                      I got a lot of progress down- now to finalize it.


                      The task bar still needs a little work, as I said, however the driver does appear to hold. (It is extremely slow) I am currently in the process of switching to another project, but I think that I can get this done in time before Fall. I see that I am gathering a lot of attention here! Thank you guys for all of your support!

                      I'll try to get a download link for you by my next post thank you!


                      By the way, this driver works on all platforms. I have tested it on the mobile 915GL and am currently using it as I type this post. You can always email me at "kuayatsushiro6@gmail.com" if you have any questions or concerns regarding the official release if the driver. As for the legality, you can also email me as well. The version that will be downloadable will be ver. I am testing the drivers and will continue to until Fall of 2011, untill then please hang tight. Thank you all for your support!

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                        Good day. Hows the development of the driver?


                        Can u send me the driver for Intel 910/950?


                        Im very intersted with this one. Thanks

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                          By the way sir, here's my e mail add




                          hoping to receive your driver. It will be a big help for me. Thanks.

                          • 10. 915 Video Drivers

                            The chipset driver is now out and the 915 video driver will be out in just 10 more days. Thank you all for your patience. You can find them both (the betas) on our website.


                            Included is:


                            -915 GMA only Chipset/ Video Drivers

                            -WMD 1.0 compliant

                            -"Speed boost" for PENTIUM M

                            -Native support for 1200 x 800 resolution

                            -Windows Vista/ 7  support

                            -SATA Detector


                            Minimum Requirements for Installation


                            1. Laptop with INTEL 915 GMA CHIPSET

                            2. 1200 x 800 Monitor

                            3. Pentium M CPU clocked @ 1.733 GHZ

                            4. SATA Version 1.5

                            5. Any .RAR Extractor

                            6. Use English for Native Language

                            7. 60MB of Hard Disk Space

                            8. 128MB+ of Video RAM

                            9. 2048MB (2GB) of Usable RAM


                            If any of the 9 requirements are not meet then the Installation will fail. Please note that I am not responsible for any system crashes- Use at your own risk!

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                              What is your website sir?

                              • 12. Re: 915 Video Drivers



                                i appreciate that still somebody cares about that problem. Where can I download the betas? Would it be much work for you to make it compatible with  4:3 screens. My notebook is an HP nc4200 and it maches with all your requirements but the screen-resolution. Will I never get aero to work? 

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                                  Hi there,


                                  What is your website address to download this from?


                                  Many Thanks

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                                    You will most likely is all that I can say. The driver was made for a dell with this current screen resolution that I had provided on my last post. I am unsure if it will work. The truth is that if you have an 915GMA chipset and 128MB of VIDEO RAM, then of course it will work.


                                    The real problem is that since I have modified Windows, that puts me in a hot spot for all sorts of 'legal soup', mostly comming from Microsoft but also from Intel. Which as you can see, I can't tell you where my website is until it has been cleared up, see here- http://www.microsoft.com/About/Legal/EN/US/IntellectualProperty/UseTerms/Default.aspx . I also can't sell it or 'mass distrubute' it.


                                    However, I can give you the source code that I used if it interests anybody.

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