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    DG43GT - one screen blacking out for few seconds occasionally


      I installed a DG43GT (onboard video) a few weeks ago that's always connected to two monitors - one my desktop (DVI), the other an entertainment monitor (HDMI) in the same room.  Desktop monitor will sporadically go black for a few seconds with all other processes continuing - this may be getting worse, as it's done this three times in the last 45 minutes while previously it was only a couple of times a day.  Entertainment monitor showed no such problem, during the couple of times when I have had both on during such an episode.  I'd try swapping the two cables to see if the problem follows the DVI output, but there's no option in monitor jacks to allow this, and it's not like I'd want either monitor to go black like that anyway.


      Are there any "events" to look for here? 


      Swapping motherboards is, of course, not what I want to do, but if I have to, well, I have to.