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    DH55PJ Windows Logo Kit test failiure




      We have an issue with the Intel DH55PJ motherboard not passing the Windows Logo Kit tests. Microsoft didn't accept the results as the motherboard failed some of the tests. Here are the tests that have failed:

      Pass[4] Fail[6] -:|:- Class Driver DRM Test - Win7 (System, Manual)
      Pass[4] Fail[6] -:|:- Class Driver AC3 Test - Win7 (System)
      Pass[4] Fail[7] -:|:- Class Driver KS TopologyTest - Win7 (System)
      Pass[5] Fail[10] -:|:- Class Driver KS PositionTest - Win7 (System)
      Pass[4] Fail[103] -:|:- Class Driver WaveTest - Win7 (System)
      Pass[0] Fail[8] -:|:- Round Trip Test - Win7 (System, Manual)
      Pass[16] Fail[1] -:|:- Class Driver Audio Logo Test - Win7 (System)
      Pass[9] Fail[16] -:|:- Class Driver Round Trip Test - Win7 (System, Manual)


      Thanks for your help.