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    I7 950 can use 1600MHz DDR3 memory?


      I want to buy an i7 processor 950 and see it in her memory specifications type DDR3 800/1066 memory, and I am confused with this, this is the type of memory recommended for this processor or I can use 1600MHz DDR3 memory?

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          That depends on the mother board you are using.

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            my motherboard is an ASUS SABERTOOTH X58, my question is this:


            Intel® Core™ i7-950 Processor


            Memory Specifications
            Tamaño de memoria máximo (depende del tipo de memoria)
            24 GB
            Tipo de memoria
            Cantidad de canales de memoria
            Máximo de ancho de banda de memoria
            25,6 GB/s
            Extensiones de dirección física
            Compatibilidad con memoria ECC
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              You can install memory running at 1600 MHz as long as it is supported by the motherboard, howerver, the RAM will be running at 1066, since the processor will not support RAM speed above 1066 MHz.

              So in other words, there is no reason to install 1600 MHz RAM, since it will be running at 1066 MHz due to the processor limitation.

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                The answer to your question is both Yes and No.


                I own an ASUS SaberTooth mother board and use an i7-930 CPU, and I am using 3 x 2GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL9-2GBNQ 1.5V modules, running at 1600.  Yes, the default memory speed for our CPUs is 1066, but when we set AI Overclock Tuner in the BIOS to XMP, then that memory's XMP data will be used to set the correct settings, and it will work just fine, I am using that PC as I type this.  I am also running the QPI Link at 6.4 GTs, which is also beyond the standard spec, but happens again due to the XMP profile data.  So it is possible to run memory at 1600 with our CPUs and this mother board.


                But this mother board, and most if not all X58 motherboards, are somewhat picky about the memory you use with them, and is related to the i7-9xx CPUs integrated memory controller.  First, it will be difficult if not impossible to run 24GB of memory at 1600, unless you spend some time carefully setting memory, IMC, and IOH voltages. Also the memory you listed, although you did not give much information about it, probably won't work at 1600 because it is not rated to run at that speed.  In the SaberTooth manual it is stated that only one DDR3 1600 memory module per channel will run at that speed due to Intel's specification.  You may be able to run two modules per channel, but it will take some work.


                Also, it is very important that you use memory that is listed in the SaberTooth's Qualified Vendor List, that is in the manual or can be downloaded from the support page for this 'board.  Do you really need to use 24GB of memory?  What are you running that needs that much memory?