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    Thermal Trip Issues


      Hello everyone. I just built my first desktop from assorted parts I purchased. Everything seemed to turn out great, but then I ran into a big problem; the PC shuts down after anywhere from 5-20 minutes after startup, each time due to a thermal trip warning. Upon turning it back on, I get a BIOS beep code as well as a written indication that the processor/motherboard is overheating, and the computer shut itself down. However, I have sat in the BIOS and watched the CPU temperature, and it sits steady around 33-36 degrees Celsius, and never even reaches 40. It is my understanding that this isn't particularly high at all. My computer is built from the following:


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 BX80580Q8200

      Intel Desktop Board (Classic Series) DP43BF

      BIOS Version: RKG4310H.86A.0082


      This BIOS version is out of date, and seems to be missing a few options regarding temperature activity, so I was planning on updating that. However, I want to find out if there is a likely source to the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this PC is a Christmas gift for my girlfriend.

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          It would be great if you change the heatsink (Processor Fan), it is also great if you install the MotherBoard Temporature Tools (Software) Like

          Active Monitor from Intal Corporation. or can see the status of processor and motherboard temporature through BIOS Setup.


          I have a mother baord D915 Series board, it is showing temporatur more and 80+ C and FAN Speed is not more than 2500 RPM (Round per minutues)

          which is not good for mother baord and toughing finger the motherbard, it is too hot.


          Aamir Jahangir