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    Video "tearing" with i3-530 GPU


      I am running Windows 7 Pro 32bit OS. I use "clone mode" to drive 2 TVs. TV #1 is HDMI-HDMI. TV #2 is DVI-HDMI. Both TVs are 1080P native displays. I "share" my HTPC between 2 rooms. Audio is via optical to both rooms.


      I always get horizontal tearing on the 2nd display device. It doesn't matter which TV is selected as the Primary display, the tearing is only on the 2nd display.


      I am using the latest Intel drivers (2246). I have tried older drivers with no change. I have also tried other video out combinations... VGA and HDMI, VGA and DVI, and now the HDMI and DVI-HDMI. I am using an Asus P7H55D-M EVO motherboard with 4GB RAM. I have all Windows updates and the latest Intel MEI driver installed. I am running 1920x1080 @ 60 (I have tried 30, 59, etc.).


      Most of what I watch, are Blu-ray rips at 23.976 FPS. Currently, I have to exit Media Center and change the display order when I switch rooms...


      Any ideas?



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          I would think either bad driver or heat problem do you have any sort of monitor for the gfx card / chip ?

          I only use a dedicated gfx card for games not onboard chips.

          But its must be a new pc with a i3 so I would think the driver needs sorting out more then a heat problem open the side of your case and see if it still happens as this will make the gfx chip cooler as more air is allowed in, if it does work better with the case side off then maybe get a fan for the chip.

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            As I mentioned in my post, it is an i3-530 (Clarkdale) CPU with integrated HD graphics. I have a great CPU cooling solution, my CPU never gets above 32C.

            My problem lies with the Intel drivers!


            I should also mention, that before I upgraded my hard drives, I had found a working driver! (But I don't remember the version number...) Luckily I keep my old drive intact. I guess I'll have to put it back in to find out exactly which version of the Intel HD Graphics drivers that worked. I was hoping that one of the forum readers ( or someone from Intel) had encountered this problem.


            BTW, I just installed version 2266... same problem.

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              The GPU and th CPU are not the same chip its just intergrated on to the board which means its a chip sitting on the motherboard as a GFX chip.

              But if it did work then it must be the driver more than over heating.

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                If you would have paid more attention to the description of the CPU I am using, you would have noticed that it is an i3-530 Clarkdale chip that has both the CPU and HD Graphics in one package! Overheating is not an issue.


                It IS a driver problem that I was hoping Intel would fix.


                Thanks for the reply anyway...

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                  Must tell you this intel forum is not moderated so you will only get help from people bugs should be emailed to them or the real support.

                  As I said you fixed the problem by rolling back the driver problem solved wait till next driver after you have reported the bug to them.


                  So maybe read about the forum first and seeing as not one else helped I think your being rude.

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                    same problem here with i7 2600

                    driver version, cause with the latest drivers the second display doesnt work!