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    I have a fan problem with my SC5650WS chassis with the S5520SC M.Board


      The fans work on maximum power and are really noisy. for the first few seconds they are OK, but then boost up to full power, long before the OS boots up.

      Motherboard: S5520SC

      Chassis: SC5650WS

      All fans connected as instructed: 2 CPU fans, chassis fans to connectors 1,3,5

      6x 2GB memory cards in slots A1-F1

      I updated the BIOS today, to the latest version

      I configured the BIOS - acoustics to: acoustic, open loop

      I installed Windows 7 Pro, 64bit


      Everything else works fine, just the fans make lots of noise working on full power


      Any more ideas????

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          Did you load the FRUSDR and did it complete successfully?

          (I recommend the EFI version as it is easier to see the errors on the screen)


          If you go to BIOS set-up (F2 during POST) and check the System Information tab under system management, what is the system reporting for BMC and SDR levels?


          SDR are what tell the BMC how to control the fan speeds under normal conditions.

          Until the SDR's get loaded, all fan will run at 100%

          After loading, they should spin down to the appropriate speeds.


          Abnormal conditions:

          Fans will boost to max if:

          1) any of the fans are not working correctly.

          2) Processors, memory, mother board or front panel are in a critical thermal condition.

          3) BMC is not running for some reason. (very rare)


          Load the SELviewer and check for fan errors or thermal errors.

          Based on the SEL log you should be able to isolate the culprit causing the high fan speed.


          Near each fan header is a red LED that will also light if the fan is in a failing condition which is a very good visual if you happen to have the fans in the wrong connectors.

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            I reinstalled the Bios + BMC + SDR update again, it still didn't solve the problem.

            BIOS version S5500.86B.01.00.0054  09/28/2010

            BMC version 0.54

            HSC version 0.00  (when updating the pakage i got the messages: Hot Swap Backplane is not detected, Local Control Panel is not detected, Front Panel Temperature Sensor is detected.

            ME version 1.12

            SDR version 0.28


            i hear three short beeps at start-up which might be indication of bad memory or misplaced, but i checked them one by one and the beeps repeated for each, also no DIMM LEDs that indicate errors are lit. they are all 1066 Mhz, 2 GB, kingston memories of the same model, inserted in slots A1 to F1 (the blue slots)


            none of the fan LEDs are lit. they all turn and in full speed. they start good at low speed for the first ten seconds then boost up.


            i'm almost giving up.... i already spent days on this basic problem...


            does anybody know if the case has to be closed when starting up the computer? it has a button that indicates when it is closed, i tried holding the button pressed but it didn't help.




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              We'll get er done!


              1) As mush as I hate to say this , Intel just POSTed (1-3-2011) new code for this system. The release notes are really vague. " - Correct typo in CFG file."


              Now a "Typo" does not sound too bad, until you think about the fact that the CFG file is the program that tells the system how and for what to load SDR's which controls the fans speeds. Hmmmm, You may want to down load and roll to the latest (again) http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=19676&lang=eng


              2) Chassis Intrusion - Yes. Best to keep it pressed closed if trouble shooting with the case open. I believe this system just logs an error message when open, but some chassis that rely on draw through air flow will boost fans if opened.



              3) Three beeps.  - The beep codes are very handy. Unfortunately the BIOS programmers got a bit carried away.  This system "beeps" for errors and every time it finds a USB device during POST including the internal hub (beep). your keyboard (beep) and your mouse (beep). (I have one of these S5520SC with 3- USB web cams, Multi card readers, 2 keyboards / mice, and a few more USB devices. It sounds like a video game in full battle mode during POST.)

              If the system BOOTS, the memory LED's are not lit and the SEL is clean, it is not the memory


              SEL log (System Event Log) -- or better know as the magic answers log. http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=17933&lang=eng


              Download to a USB fob and run SELVIEW from EFI is easiest. It will display the full log and the memu bar as the option to save as Text file (or HEX file)

              Save the Text version and attach and we can parce it to see what is causing your high fan speed. (assuming they are still high on the new code stack)


              Items to look for are any "critical" event.

              Fan errors like zero RPM's some one else had an issue with.

              Temperature errors.

              Don't worry that the log seems kind of long. The SEL records normal start-up events ( about 5 to 10 per boot) as well as error events. 





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                Thanks a lot Doc :-)


                Actually, installing the new Intel Bios update (055) didn't help, but the opposite, the system didn't load and the fans continued to go wild.

                What solved the problem was the Selview log. making a new clean log showed me immediately that the problem is with chassis fan 1. replacing the fan solved the problem.


                So thanks a lot again.....


                Best regards,



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                  Dear Adar


                  I have been struggling with exactly the same problem for a long time, and almost gave up on my new workstation. So in my last attempt I realized by coincidence that I had swiched over the twowires for the Sys fans. This caused the system to failed and went on to max. cooling state.


                  So I will urge you to check if you made the same mistake as I did: be sure that the wires for Sys fan 1 and 3 are placed in the correct two sockets (out of 4 possible.


                  Hope this does it for you.



                  Regards Svend

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                    Okay - next time I will read the WHOLE message before I write a post... ;o)



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