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    HOw do I get my HDMI port to work?


      HI, I am new to this, and would really like some help on my my problem:


      I have recently upgraded my desktop computer with Intel H55TC mainboard with integraded soundcard and graphics card (which has VGA, DVI and HDMI output) - but when i try to connect my TV with HDMI cable it does not work, the TV shows no signal.


      When i connect the TV with VGA cable it works fine.


      Below is the information from my intel graphics and media control pannel, the display option only shows one monitor and nothing else. would really like to connect the HMDI cable, would be grateful for any help.



      Intel® HD Graphics (Core i3)

      Report Date:            1/2/2011
      Report Time[hr:mm:ss]:        12:13:42
      Driver Version:  
      Operating System:        Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3(5.1.2600)
      Default Language:        English (United States)
      DirectX* Version:        9.0
      Physical Memory:        3253 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory:    32 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory:    1024 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use:        32 MB
      Processor:            x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
      Processor Speed:        3059 MHz
      Vendor ID:            8086
      Device ID:            0042
      Device Revision:        02




      *   Accelerator Information   *


      Accelerator in Use:        Intel(R) HD Graphics
      Video BIOS:            2017.0
      Current Graphics Mode:        1024 by 768

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          Hi...I doubt whether I can be of much help,but have you tried a diferent screen resolution yet...For one of my computers I have only a G31 ( LGA775 ) intel chipset to go by,but I did try diferent screen resolutions before I decided on the best...Also I have this G31 intel chipset hooked up to my 42 inch LCD screen by VGA connection only...Not all screen resolutions would show the desk top,but on mine after a short period of time it would go back to the last good showable screen resolution on my desk top...Also if that idea of mine does not work,see what kind of cable you have...Is it a HDMI outlet from the back of your computer and at the back of your TV or PC monitor a HDMI,DVI or D-SUB (VGA) input...Some times the brand name manufacturer do warn you to have straight connections,like only HDMI to HDMI etc...So check this out first and also that the version of your HDMI cable could be a version 1.2 or what ever,but try to get the same version of cable as what your motherboard specs prefer you to have...So you may have to do some reading up of your motherboard manual first also...I have given you some ideas of what to look for,but if none of what I have written up here works then you'll have to go to the dealer or brand name manufacturer to find out what you have to do...

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            Hi once again...I forgot to mention that maybe you have not adjusted for the HDMI outlet of your TV menu...All modern TV's do have a menu,so if you have a manual for your TV then you can read up and go through the TV's Menu for all external inputs to your TV and then you have options of which outlets or inputs to use...Also I was going to mention that if you made your own computer that you have not installed the manufacturers motherboard drivers from the support CD that came with your motherboard...Even if it were made for you by a local PC store they should still give you the motherboard support CD to install all drivers that are needed...Sorry I can not help you no more right now...

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              Hi once again for the last time today...Maybe it could even be faulty drivers that you have,so if you go online and download the latest drivers from the brand name manufacturer of your motherboard so you can burn them onto a CD and then from this CD install onto this intel H55 motherboard PC...But if all fails it could even be a faulty motherboard that you have,you never know until you exhaust all other areas to try first...Gool Luck...

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                Besides George's suggestions, all of them good, you could try the following.


                I haven't used XP lately, so I am not sure if these options are available and the sequence of steps will be correct, but in the Control Panel, start up the Display settings, and click on Change Display Settings.  In Windows 7, you will see the monitors your PC has detected, and the Detect option that will search for monitors or TVs.  With the TV on, and the TV's input set to HDMI, click on Detect and hopefully your TV will be found.  You may see an Advance settings option, which might help you activate the HDMI output.


                You should also check your mother boards manual video section, to see what needs to be configured and if there are any conditions or constraints with the video outputs.  It might be the case that you can only use two of your three video outputs at a time, or if, for example, if the VGA connection is used, the HDMI will be disabled.  Just trying to cover all the possibilities.


                Sometimes it may be necessary to reboot the PC with all the TV's and monitors connected and turned on in order for them to be detected.