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    Correctly installing a Sata 2 hard disk




      I have an Intel DG965RY motherboard and a Seagate Sata 2 hard disk.


      I installed the drive as my bootable drive using Windows XP Pro SP3.  I did not use any F6 option etc.


      I am not sure if this is installed correctly?


      In the BIOS, the mode is 'IDE' rather than ACHI, as the BIOS had a note saying that AHCI would only work using the Vista operating system.


      Is that correct???


      However, I would like to take advantage of any performance gain that I might be able to get if the drive can be installed a different way.


      I want to get the most performance I can from my SATA drive - can I use AHCI with one hard drive?


      Is there a way to set this up to get more out of the drive?


      Any help much appreciated.