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    DP55KG Motherboard Memory Errors - Channel "B" Dead!


      I'm building a new system:


      To start, I assembled the system without Keyboard or mouse and one stick of memory in each of the blue slots and none in the black slots.

      Turned the system on and got the three beep error code for a memory error.

      So I pulled the memory from Channel B Socket 0 and left Channel A Socket 0 and tried to boot.

      The system ran through the boot process and stopped on a BIOS Code 06 and no display on my monitor.

      Of course I couldn't find code 06 and I figured I needed to unplug one of the monitors for initial startup.

      NOTE 1: Upon trying to boot again, the system would power up for about a half second then power down and repeat every few seconds until I hit the hard off button on the PSU.

      No POST codes displayed on the MB and I tried power down and boot again and again.

      I even tried the CMOS reset by pulling the battery and reinstalling.


      Frustrated, I pulled everything out of the case and reinstalled the CPU and Heatsink on an anti-static bag on my dinner table.

      - No video, mouse, or keyboard.

      Set up bare minimal components on the table top and everything seemed to do okay.

      Adding one component at a time and booting successfully until I tried to add my DVD drive.


      Again the system went into an endless cycle of power up then down but this time with POST codes displayed.

      So I disconnected everything and started again.

      Everything seemed to go okay so I put everything back in the case - huge mistake.

      It wouldn't POST again.


      Now I think what had happened is that the system found an issue and because I didn't have my monitor or KB connected, I wasn't able to see nor respond to any information of the screen which caused an error the next boot attempt.


      Disassembled everything again on the table with full video, mouse, and keyboard support and was able to install Windows 7 Pro 64bit without any trouble.


      I can only put memory in Channel A!

      I tried one stick in each blue socket (Channel A Socket 0 and Channel B Socket 0) but the system will not POST (See NOTE 1 above).


      I tried each stick of memory individually and both were fine.


      Finally, I tried one stick in Channel A Socket 0 and Channel A Socket 1 and it worked.


      The system will run with the memory configured in Channel A Socket 0 and Channel A Socket 1 however, this doesn't provide dual-channel functionality.


      Am I missing something????


      I've updated the BIOS to the most recent version without problem but it doesn't fix the problem.


      Do I Have A Bad Motherboard???


      A few notes for others:

      • Your network adapter will not function until you install the software on the provided CD.
      • Large heat sinks may not allow the use of one or more memory slots and when the video card is installed you cannot access the CMOS battery and have a poor view of the POST Code LED Display.
      • Additionally, large heatsinks make accessing the 8 pin CPU power plug difficult as well as CPU cooling fan header.
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          Upon further experimentation with the board, I've found that if I fill both Channel "B" sockets with memory, it will POST but not always.

          Ran a memory and CPU test on the system and it came back with no failures.


          I have managed to overclock the system in the mean time without difficulty but not all configurations would POST so the system seems to be able to identify when there is an overclock error but this doesn't resolve my memory issues.


          Other than the obvious problem, the system runs great but my wife would like me to get the system off the dinning room table and into the case.

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            Well, I'm glad I have the 1156 package instead of the 1366 package because I don't think I could have looked at an additional 210 pins.  Of course the old ZIF socket processors had pins that you could see with the naked eye.  Kind of miss those now.


            I went over it with a 100x videoscope (my kids' "toy") and didn't see any bent pins, damage, or contaminates.  I even checked the edge pins a second time since I assume they are most susceptible to damage.


            I also checked the contact side of the processor and didn't find any defects.  It appeared that each contact had a shinny spot in the center of it where the pin made contact.


            I'll reassemble it and see if reseating the chip will make a difference.

            Kind of wish I didn't have a bolt through CPU cooler now, getting tired of dealing with it while I try to figure this out.


            Thanks for the suggestion.