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    External monitor resolution GM500 Acer Aspire One 751h


      I have an Acer Aspire One 751h with Intel GM500, running XP Home SP3, I'm running the latest driver, though same thing happened with the Acer supplied driver (


      When I connect an old Dell 1901FP monitor to it (at my work), I am able to run in 1280x1024 which is good enough. I have two other newer monitors however (at my home) and for whatever reason they are detected as CRT's and 1024x768 is the largest available resolution. The "hide modes this monitor cannot display" checkbox in the monitor tab of the display properties is grayed out, there is only one user on the machine and it is an administrator.


      If anyone's got any hints, tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated. The unit is absolutely perfect for my needs (I'm a developer and use the machine in multiple locations, but running at 1024x768 in the wrong aspect ratio is not acceptable for web development!), but I'm looking down the barrel of having to find a whole new machine to solve one stupid problem.


      I seems as though the PnP monitor detection code or hardware is broken? Ideally it would be nice to just accept the risks myself and be able to select the mode of choice. That would be ideal. I installed the driver for one of the monitors (Dell E173) but it made no difference, and unfortunately the Benq E2200HD doesn't have any drivers for XP. I'm thinking it's nothing to do with the monitor anyway, though I could be wrong. I tried a few different VGA cables in case there's a particular pin required for PnP.


      Any help greatly appreciated.




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          Gee what an overwhelming response.


          The answer, for any other poor unfortunate trawling the web looking for a solution the this absurd problem, is simply not to buy anything with an Intel GM500. It is officially unsupported by email technical support, and clearly the forums are a ghost town for this chipset. I've tried many more monitors now and it seems it works fine with any prehistoric monitor, and not at all with anything vaguely recent. My 18" Hitachi CRT however is not my most favoured development monitor so my solution, as retarded as it sounds, will be to buy a usb VGA adaptor that actually works.