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    Help setting up 1600x900 resolution on 965 chipset


      Hey all,

      I'm trying to set up a new external monitor to display its native 1600x900 resolution. Right now my computer is only giving me a highest oprion of 1280x800ish or something like that, I forgot the actual number. I have an intel 965 chipset and I'm running Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit on a Toshiba Satellite A205. The monitor is an LG W2040. It starts up in 1600x900 when I plug it into another computer. I've tried all sorts of resolutions: video drivers from intell and toshiba, no BIOS updates available, the EDID for the monitor looks alright to my admittedly untrained eye. First thing I want to make sure of before spending more time on this is if the 965 chipset is indeed capable of supporting 1600x900 resolution. I fully expect that it is based on what I've read but if someone could even just confirm that I'd be grateful.


      The only option I feel I have left right now is to manually update the .inf for the driver, but I have never done anything like that before. I think I found the necessary .inf based on what I've seen in some other forums, and I also think I know the section I would need to edit, but I'm at a loss as to what exactly to change. I'd attach it but I don't see anywhere to do that. So if you have any experience with the .inf or have any other ideas please respond.


      Thanks for your help!