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    Problema con DX58SO enciende nunca sono ningun bit incluso cuando arrancaba


      Hi friends I am from Costa Rica, I have bough my DX58SO in USA, but My board does not work anymore with 22 days, Intel says that I can validate the warranty even In Costa Rica, I have the tigger Direct ticket, but it isn´t in my name, They say only the tigger direct tikect can request warranty even if i have the ticket, that is mean is you brothers buy something for you with 3 years of warranty, but he died tomorrow the board and core loss warranty, insane thing even with buy ticket.

      Well my friend how bought the board and core is alive, but he ist here, he could send me a letter signed, but gime me a couple of advises. By the way, I am not sure what is my problem, my board or my processor, but here i cannot find a autorized tecnician of intel, let me say something about that the 18 days that board works, never emitted any sound of errors or the bit of everythin is good, I remove the memories for check the internal speaker but it does not make any sound, even withouth video card, that makes me have a couple of quuestions, if posible to test my board only with two memory dims or we need the tree in tri-chaneel for perform a last test, I need to be hones with you, i have tested all of the three memory modules of ozc 1333 and one has a fault, for this reason i need solve my cuestion if is possible test the board only with two modules?

      THe board always from the first day say Bios post errors and have to reset the bios to raise the system.

      Please help me.?