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    Engineering Sample QX9300??????


      Hi to all,

      i bought a QX9300 cpu and a lot of recognizing Utility, Intel included, recognize it as ES.


      Here are some images that explain what i'm saying, the last one is a photo of the processor:



      Can someone make light on this??


      And another question for you.


      Can you explain me the numbers signed on this image?


      The "A" one is equal to another image that i found on google images.


      Is that the HW revision? I think so because in this image (http://www.webrevolver.it/qx9300/same_numb.jpg) there are 4 CPU with equal "A".


      The "B" one is equal on all the CPU that i found.


      And the "C" one is different sometimes... On my CPU, as you can see there is a "YC..." (that is the same of this ES one: http://www.webrevolver.it/qx9300/es.jpg ).


      The strange thing is that, this one (http://www.webrevolver.it/qx9300/b726.gif), has same "A" but different "C".


      Do you think that "YC" is an ES marker?



      And anyway how can I resolve this?.... i bought it as OEM one and there is no ES mark so the vendor is not responsible and continue to say that, due to markers on the cpu, it's not ES.


      Is it covered by Intel warranty?


      NB: i have regular international invoice of the purchase.


      Thanks in advance!!!


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          Hello;  The 'ES' indeed stands for Engineering sample processor, this is a pre-production part that is distributed to hardware and software manufacturers to allow them to develop products prior to the introduction of a processor.   Since it is not a production unit, it does not have warranty coverage, and performance is not guaranteed.  I recommend you return it to your place of purchase for a refund or a replacement.

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            Are you going to use this CPU in a Laptop ?? because the SLB5J is a QX Mobil cpu.

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              It's also a 478 P socket not a 775 like a QX9300 would be ??

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                @Sergio: have you seen the webpage that i posted?? I know that ES is Engeneering sample...... but as you can see the processor has no ES mark! But has normal SLB5J.... but is recognized as ES... it's not a vendor fault but of Intel corp....


                @Robert: this CPU is mounted on an Acer Aspire 7738G couse is a SocketP cpu.


                Let me know.....

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                  I can think of 2 or 3 possiabilities.


                  1) The software does not contain the correct information for your processor.

                  2) The processor is a counterfit and someone has re-marked a ES to resemble a production unit. ( be a darn good one looking at the photo.)

                  3) something in the board / bios is preventing the software from reading the CPU ID correctly. (overclocking , ID locking?))



                  CPU marking from the processor Spec update. (FPO = a batch number)


                  The markings you have labeled "C" are the mini-PCB revision  part numbers.

                  The last 3 letters are the PCB vendor ID.



                  An ES processor should be maked with a Qxxxx part number rathar than a Sxxxx number.


                  QGNF and QGNG are ES version of the QX9300

                  SLB5J is the production version.




                  Is it covered by Intel warranty?


                  ES - Samples have no warranty (and in fact are Intel properity)

                  S-Spec have various warranity depending on the specific SKU  (1 year / 3 year)

                  Boxed processors and OEM tray processors can have different warranties.

                  For Warranty info, you will need to ask Intel Support. http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-025525.htm?wapkw=(warranty+support)

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                    Hi Doc and thanks for the exhaustive answer!


                    For the possibilities:


                    1. it can be but i try also the original Intel Identification Utility, as showed in some photos, and if also Intel doesn't know its own processor there is some problems......

                    2. I can't verify this but the vendor emitted regular international invoice... the risk must be too high i think. He said that his vendor was Dell and the proc arrived tio me in the "original" sealed packing.

                    3. I must verify this one instead... actually a lot of laptop bios has personal locked configurations.... i need to find some way to unlock the hidden features to see if there is something that can preventing the correct identification.


                    For the pictures and specification... It's exatly what i needed!


                    For warranty... i need to understand what i have in the hands first.


                    Thanks again!


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                      I do not see any "ES" or Engineering Sample" in the Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility or on top of the actual processor. Only on the third party software.

                      Keep in mind that we do not rely on information provided by third party software, only by our Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility.

                      So it is either a software issue, not properly recognizing the processor information (Third party software), or a counterfeit processor.


                      Anyways, if the Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility is reporting the correct information, then that means that the processor is OK.

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                        @Adolfo.... if you open the page http://www.webrevolver.it/qx9300/qx9300.html and you scroll down you can see your software that is saying that the cpu is Engeneering Sample ( with the looooong alert on the bottom of the "Frequency Page" as we all certainly know )....... i surely wasn't here if only a third party utility was saying that!


                        Anyway, i repeat, you can see a photo of the processor in the last picture of that page and there is normal OEM SLB5J mark....


                        The only one that gave me a consistent answer was Doc!! (thanks again! )


                        But..... can Intel help me please???? This is your product!

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                          Alberto , What CPU is in your notebook right now ? , Is the CPU you currently have that slow that you want to take about 8 hrs and about 130 screws to remove the mother board to change the CPU to gain ( What ) ???

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                            I took a second look on the Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility report, and you where right, it states the processor as an engineering sample.

                            So if you purchased the processor separately, I would recommend contacting the place of purchase so they can either exchange your processor or refund your money.

                            If the processor came pre-installed on the laptop, you might want to contact the laptop manufacturer.

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                              @Robert. i can't understand a single word of what you are saying. The time to dismount a notebook, if you know where to put your hands, is 20 minutes.

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                                @Adolf. Thhanks for the answer. I'll call my vendor in the next days and i'll tell you the response. Anyway, yes, i bought the cpu separately.

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                                  You still did not answer my question , what CPU is in the Laptop now.

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                                    @Robert. The qx9300. Now write something useful, please. This should be a support board not a spamming one.

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