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    HELP!!!! It won't boot up


      Just installed two new monitors on Monday night.

      In the process I also opened up the case blew out the dust and dirt with about 40psi air from my compressor and did a nice cleaning, used NO chemicals of any sort. Yes I disconnected the system from everything. I removed it from the house and did it in the garage. It was a single unit.

      Booted up the system and had desk top on both screens it was late and walked away from the system. Although it did "hybernate" as it has for over a year when I built it.

      The next morning as I was getting ready for the day I tried to "wake" it up ( move the mouse, tap the key board etc ) it did nothing but as I listened to it I heard the fans on then shut off, then in less than 30 seconds turn on again, run for oh say a minute and shut off,and continue this for some time. When I tried to turn the system off with the power button on the front of the case it does nothing the only way I can turn it off is wait for it to "shut down" its self and turn off the power supply.

      Now I have removed the processor and look for discoloration replaced the "grease with the proper "lube", checked all the connections, pulled the RAM looking for "burns", have no foul odors from over heating or shorted wiring or fried components, all the fans are turning on, the lights on the mother board are on and the hard drive is spinning.

      Now since I pulled the processor and inspected it now it runs only long enough for the hard drive to start then shut off sit for about the same time and turn back on and will continue doing this till I shut it off at the power supply again.

      Does any one have any ideas that I might try?

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          Try using the old monitor and see if you can boot on it. If you can try disabling the hibernation and put back the new ones.

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            In a way I have tried that, I tried booting with out any monitors at all with the same result.

            Since I posted I also tried swaping around the RAM in difrent slots and a diffrent power supply.

            Still won't start at all.

            I'm thinking the processor or board have gone kaput.



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              Can you get into bios? Can you hear the PSU fan running?


              If you can get into bios it could be something else other than your processor. If you can hear the PSU fan running it means that it is working alright. Perhaps a minimal number of peripheral connected will help in your troubleshooting. That is just a DVD/CD drive, KB, mouse and monitor. No hdd connected yet.

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                Thanx but it won't even run long enough for bios to start. It cycles in about 3 second intervals.

                I  tried your suggestion of disconnecting everything but mouse, keyboard and monitor to no avail.

                All the fans are running 6 total. 3 in the case 1 in the power supply 1 on the processor and 1 in the video card.

                Hard drive is starting also. I'm thinking the CPU has taken a dump and the system is looking for a signal from it. On off, on,off...........



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                  I'd like to make one more suggestion. Try your system out of the case. That is take out your mobo off the case, connect the PSU, drive, video card, monitor, KB and mouse. Do not connect your HD yet. See if you get some video or messages on screen now.

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                    Now that sounds kinda scary but I had thought of that. Isolating the mother board to see if it is shorted to the case. the question to me is what did I do in the process to cause this to happen?

                    Yea I know gremlins who knows how  this kinda stuff happens.

                    To sort of go along with that thinking I'm trying to find someone or someplace that can "Bench test" or a friend that is using the same processor I am and check it that way.





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                      Sorry I missed some information in your thread. I thought that you have disassembled your system when you were cleaning. Anyway, please disregard the last suggestion. It's a good idea to have the processor tested in another system. I just don't know if someone would be willing to do it in their system. But you can give it a try.

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                        Oh no thank you for any and all input it is well appreated. I'm looking and hoping for anyone who has any ideas or has run across this or a simular problem themselfs.

                        My first problem is, is this in fact my problemor do I send it to Intell only to find out that it is something else. Next I'm getting ready to build a server and plan to up grade my system and use most of this for the serverso I don't need two of the same processors when the price of "newer and faster" stuff is just down the pike in the next few months or I mihgt just replase this and go from there.





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                          One 40 PSI is way too much air pres. to clean a computer with , Two you may have loosen one of the connectors at the power swtich connections on the Mombo, That is if the sys worked normaly before you cleaned it. , When you try to boot , Do you notice any red led's ?? or do you just see the one green light??

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                            Your problem is not new to me. I indeed have encountered such a situation several times. The solution is never a definite one. Its not a definite defective component type of problem. Anyway wish you all the good luck.

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                              Best place to start is to bring the system down to a minimal configuration which is to diconnect just about everything you possibly can except for the video and the keyboard and the minimum of memory required.  Disconnect the hard drives, media drives, remove all cards on the board(except video) and see if it will boot to BIOS (use a static/ESD kit...you dont want to add to your problems!!!).   Your BIOS may have an error log entry which identifies the error.  If it stays up for a while, power down (unplug) the unit and plug in one device/card etc at a time  and repeat the process to boot to BIOS and see what happens.   I have done exactly what you have on several occassions to clean the dust bunnies/dog hair etc out of my computers but I do it very gently/briefly and from a fairly safe (a couple of feet anyway) distance.  The inside of most homeowner air compressors is likely to be a rusty soup so you really dont want to overdo this sort of thing. good luck.