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    Intel Turbo Boost Disabled?


      Hi, I have a Asus n61jq-x1 laptop with a Intel Core i7 720QM, running  Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. For some reason my Core i7 Turbo Boost  wasn't working, so I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it. After  the reinstall, the turbo boost was working fine, but after like 3 hours  of reinstalling some programs back on, the turbo boost monitor gadget  from Intel wouldn't work properly anymore when I restarted the laptop. I  don't know if my turbo boost is turned off or if it's still working or  not, since the turbo boost monitoring gadget won't work. I reinstalled  Windows in the first place because programs and games were sluggish due  to the turbo boost not working (the Intel TB monitoring gadget wasn't  working before I restored the laptop). I tried searching online to see  how the hell did my turbo boost got disabled, and I didn't mess with my  BIOS, so I don't know why the Intel turbo boost monitoring gadget stops  working after I restart the laptop. It was working fine in the beginning  and I restarted it a couple of times before and nothing happened. I'm  wondering if I disabled some startup programs (i'm using ccleaner /  tuneup 2011 to do that) that turbo boost might not work properly if you  disable them, if that's the case? Or is the Intel monitoring gadget  malfunctioning because I'm really not sure if my turbo boost is enabled  or disabled right now, is there another way to check besides seeing if  programs runs fast and smooth? Thanks


      update: i ran msconfig and under services tab intel turbo boost was surely disabled....but it wouldn't let me re-enable it. any solutions before I have to resort to reinstalling windows again? =(

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          Happy New Year!


          First of all. I'm not an expert and my english sucks, but I will try yo help you.
          Today I turn on my computer and I ran the turbo boost gadget and it showed me an error. It asked me to reboot my computer or to reinstall the turbo gadget. So I reboot my computer and still didn't work, so I decided to reinstall the turbo gadget and now it's working perfectly


          So, before you reinstall again all your OS, enter in the BIOS and look if the Turbo boost it's on or off.
          To enter in the BIOS you just press (I guess) the key "supr" or the "clear" key.Then search in all the options until you find it.
          I don't remember exactly the pad to get there, but I'm sure you can easy find it  in google.


          I hope this helps you.



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            Uninstall your tune up program and see if your turbo boost problem goes away ??

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              I am litterally having the same problem... i have just bought an Asus G73 laptop and when i first bought t i would play high performance games on ultra graphics settings at over 200 fps.  Recently my intel boost has been staying at 1.6 ghz constantly and not fluctuating like it should.  My fps has decreasted to 30 sometimes and never goes above 100 now... i have ****** with my startup's but i turned them all back on and it still doesnt work. its there a way to overclock it so it runs at 2.93 ghz contantly? Please help, losing rating due to lag! thank you! <3

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                Same problem,


                I have an Asus g73jh and the monitor is showing no turbo boost and my FPS in the games have fallen dramatically.

                I have looked in the bio but cannot see where to change the cpu settings please help.