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    BOD on Intel DP55WG



      I installed a new Mainboard with Memory CPU i870 and a new NVidia Graphiccard Zotac 460. This HW runs on Win7 Ent 64Bit. After 1 or 2  or 4 Hours I get a bluescreen.

      0x0000001e (0xffffffffc0000094, 0xfffff8000316be43, 0x000000000000fffe, 0x0000000000000000)

      First, I changed the new Videocard,to  a older one (PCI). But same error. Then I updated the drivers again., the same. I uninstalled the second 4Gb Memory so I do running witg 4Gb, the same problem. I did a Memorytest for hours - no error.

      What else can I do for more stability?

      Do Intel have a special Diagnotic Tool?

      I installed the test tool performancetest 7 (64bit), all tests CPU, Memory Viedeo was running fine!

      I never had such problems with Mainboards! In DeviceManager is everthing is Ok!


      Who can give me a goog Tip?


      Thanks a lot! -  sorry for my bad english!