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    S5000PSL - No Post / No Video


      BIOS S5000.86B.10.00.0084.101720071530

      2x1GB Kingston PC2/5300F (KVR667D2D8F5/1GI)

      1xIntel Xeon E5335


      Machine had been working fine until a week ago. It went unresponsive while running (video blanked out, network dropped), and upon reboot would not post and displayed no video. If I remove all RAM, the board emits 3 beeps, which seems to indicate the processor/BMC are fine. With the RAM in, the board appears to get caught in an initialization loop, as indicated by the LED post codes. The LED post code sequence looks to be:


      1) off off red green

      2) red off red red

      3) off off off amber

      4) red amber red off

      5) off off red green

      6) red off red red

      7) repeat 3-6 (each loop through this sequence is accompanied by a click/pop from the motherboard; system status LED shows green)


      There appear to be intermediate sequences, but I have not been able to reliably discern them, even by taking a video and replaying/pausing; the codes I think I see are not listed in the POST code table in the documentation.


      Things I have tried that have yielded no results:

      - Removing all peripherals and booting with only memory/CPU intact

      - Two new / different power supplies.

      - New RAM - 1x2GB Kingston PC2/5300F (KVR667D2D8F5/1GI).

      - Using a PCIe video card instead of onboard video.

      - Clearing CMOS in combination with the above.

      - Selecting secondary BIOS bank.


      I am at a loss. Any ideas on where to go from here (short of a complete rebuild) would be greatly appreciated.