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    Chipset inf integration into Windows 7 installation media - do any in the "ALL" folder apply?


      I am wondering which chipset inf's apply when integrating into a Windows7 installation source disk? I just noticed in the readme.txt for the latest intel release v9.2.0.1016 (and this may apply to many prior releases!) that only the WIN7 folder has valid drivers for Windows 7. It specifically states:


      The directories are classified according to the following:  



      Contains INF files designed for Windows* 2000, Windows* XP, Windows Server* 2003, Windows Server* 2008, and Windows* Vista  



      Contains INF files designed for Windows* 7 and Windows Server* 2008 R2


      If you think about it, this makes sense since so many inf's in that "ALL" folder are ancient. It doesn't make sense to integrate an inf for a 915 chipset from 2005 into a Windows7 installation disk. However, I do notice the ALL folder has more recent chipset inf's for current hardware that is not covered in WIN7 (like ICH9 for example), so this is still unclear for me.


      I discovered this distinction in the intel readme after trying to diagnose some BSODs in the new version of VirtualBox that now can emulate an ICH9 chipset instead of the ancient PIIX3.


      What are your thoughts?