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    Seeking gigabit ethernet card with Jumbo Frame capability


      This post seems particularly appropriate given today's poll on jumbo frames... I am looking for recommendations for a copper gigabit desktop ethernet card with jumbo frame capability.  I have both PCI and PCI-express ports at my disposal, though I'd prefer PCI-express for speed. 


      Some background: I work with a high-speed camera and routinely generate video files on the order of 10 GB, and I talk to the camera and save files through a gigabit ethernet interface.  So far I have been using an onboard integrated ethernet port on my motherboard, but it caps out at 45 MB/sec (I know, sad) and I'd like to get a dedicated card to boost that closer to real gigabit levels.  It's critical that this card have jumbo frame capability, as the camera has adjustable packet size and makes extensive use of this feature to enhance transfer speed.  I read in this post (http://communities.intel.com/message/92888#92888) that certain cards have a 16K limit instead of the usual 9K, which would be nice, but I don't have a PCI-x port to work with.


      In any case, the product briefs often skip over whether this feature is present, but can anyone offer a recommendation for a fast, jumbo-frame compatible card, ideally with a PCI-express interface?