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    Trim on restored disk images.


      If I restore a disk image to an SSD boot drive, will trim recognize the fairly massive rewrite?

      Since the restore is done outside windows will the trim process identify the prior locations as usable?


      Thank you

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          My understanding is that if you are installing Win 7 with MSAHCI or Intel drivers TRIM will work if you run a quick format before Window’s is installed. You could do the same thing when installing an image.


          I don’t think it is advisable to run a full format, but clarity on that from Intel would be helpful.


          Clarity on the benefits between preparing a drive in a previously used state with a secure erase or TRIM operation would also be helpful.


          That is the key to your question. It’s not so much about installing the image with TRIM functionality it’s about prepping the drive first if it is in a used state, so you start from fresh.


          The safe way to be 100% sure is to run a secure erase on the drive and then install the image. When you secure erase the drive is set back to factory fresh condition.

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            On top of what redux said,


            Don't do a sector by sector image/restore.

            A sector by sector image would copy all blocks on the drive (wheter used or not) and restore them in the same manner.

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              Thanks redux you have answered not only my original question, but what I was going to ask next. Appreciate your response.


              SSDaddict thanks for the additional information, will keep it in mind.

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                It is an interesting question what a full format of a SSD actually does, given that the format command was designed for a standard mechanical HDD.


                Perhaps more specifically, what will the reaction of the SSD's firmware Garbage Collection be to a full format?


                The more I consider this, the more questions I have, I better start a thread on this...

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                  Hi DuckieHo, can you please clarify the format issue?


                  As above my understanding is a quick format is all you need to do if using Win 7.The quick format will initiate a TRIM command and clean the drive.


                  What happens with a full format? Does it put the drive in a used state?