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    Does S3200SH board support ESXi 4.1? (need help)



      I am installing ESXi 4.1 to the following System:

      Board:     S3200SH

      CPU     X3220

      RAM     1G x 4 (non-ecc)

      Raid     Adaptec 2410SA (Sata raid 5)

      HDD     WD1600YS x 3 (160GB x 3)


      Although VMware's compatibility page showing the second NIC of the board (82566DM) is not supported, both NIC shown up after my installation.

      Both NIC are be accessable.

      But the system is not stabe. The system will hang up, when download or send files via both NIC. The system even hangs when copy files locally, on a guest OS (win2003).


      Does anyone here can share your experence on this topic?


      Thanks & Regards,