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    Does S3200SH server board support ESXi 4.1?



      I am installing ESXi 4.1 to a S3200SH system. Detail specifications are as followed:

      Mainbard     Intel S3200SH

      CPU          X3220

      RAM          1G x 4 non-ECC

      Raid Card     Adaptec 2410SA (Sata raid 5)

      HDD          WD1600YS x 3     (160G Sata)


      According to VMware's web page, the second NIC (82566DM) of the board is not supported. But after I intall ESXi 4.1, I found VMware can see two NICs, and the two NIC can be accessed. But the system is not stable. The system will be hang up, when I down load, or send somethings via both NIC.


      Can anybody here share your experience on this topic?


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          I can confirm S3200SH is fully compatible with ESXi 4.1

          The problem I met previously is because of an unstable RAM module caused. After replacing the Bad RAM module, every things are OK. Both NICs are supported.

          Beware don't to use VT-d when using Dell PERC 5/i.


          My Configuration is:

          M.B.     S3210SHLC (Bios version: 0052)

          CPU     X3220

          RAM     DDR2-800, non-ecc, 2G x 4

          Raid     Dell PERC 5/i (flash withLSI firmware)

          HD         WD 16000YS x 4 (raid 5)

          Both onboard NICs are suppoted


          I also, have another machine running ESXi 4.1 very well:

          M.B.     S3400

          CPU     X3430

          RAM     DDR3-1333, 8G x 2, 4G x 2

          onboard SATA

          HD      Sata-2 320G + 160G

          Only one NIC  supported

          So I add another PCI-e NIC, BMC57xx


          Thanks for sharing!