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    New BIOS release 5529 Intel DX58S0 Board


      BIOS Version 5529 - SOX5810J.86A.5529.2010.1214.2317

      About This Release:

      (1) December 15, 2010

      (2) SATA RAID Option ROM:

      (3) LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE GE v1.3.65

      (4) LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build 089)


      New Fixes/Features:

      (1) Updated ICH RAID Option ROM to revision

      (2) Updated LAN PXE ROM to revision 1.3.65.

      (3) Added codes to support error beep and front LED blink feature.

      (4) Added codes to check firmware version to prevent BIOS recovery from an incorrect BIOS file.

      (5) Fixed issue where the splash shows three times during POST when burning with a clean BIOS ROM file.




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          I am hesitant to touch another BIOS release for this board. Ver 5506 was absolutely atrocious which broke a number of previous fixes and introduced numerous other problems. I was forced to downgrade back to 5020 and will stay there for now as everything works again. This is not the first time I've had problems with BIOS releases or software for this board, a year ago the IDCC software completely trashed the motherboard bios rendering it irrecoverable, confirmed by Intel at that time and board swopped out with a brand new board. Shortly after that, had another incident with the new board when a BIOS update went horribly wrong and required me to run a BIOS recovery. I am starting to feel like I might see another board get trashed again with some buggy BIOS update that is pushed out without being properly tested. You guys really aren't giving me any sense of confidence in your software and BIOS for this board.


          Make no mistake it's a very stable board and I have always standardised on genuine Intel but I have come to expect better from Intel when it comes to testing stuff properly before pushing it out.

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            I installed the new BIOS this morning. All working fine and there is no POST time issue with this version.

            I also had to recover the BIOS to an older version after installing the previous release, but this one is working fine.

            Used DOS and iflash to update.



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              Update to my previous post:


              I am back to 5456. My PC was not reliably coming back from sleep with the new version and I even had my boot SSD corrupted.

              The Windows 7 system image backup save me as I just ran a backup a day ago.


              Lucky this time, but I will not try a newer version soon...




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                I update latest 5529 BIOS I don't have that problem

                Which method of flashing the bios did you attempt to use ?

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                  I used iflash2 from a DOS USB key. The flash process was fine and I also had no issue the first couple of reboot/resumes. Just one resume was not ok and HDD corruption happened at the same time. I never had this issue with the older version and did not want to experiment further.