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    DP55SB - Won't Boot With Droid Plugged In


      I have a DP55SB running the November BIOS (latest) and I also have a Logitech G15 (color display) keyboard with powered USB ports.


      I often will have my Moto Droid charging off the USB cable plugged into that keyboard. However, if I ever need to reboot while this is going on then the system simply will not boot. It just sits there and hangs. The Motherboard will display a number but it's cryptic and I don't recall what the number is off the top of my head.


      Just wondering if anyone knows what the solution is (I know, don't plug in the phone).

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          That would work


          You system is trying to boot to the USB hard drive it sees (your Droid)

          You can check your BIOS boot options to see if you can set USB boot or USB boot priority to disable or remove the droid as a boot device.

          (I don't know if these options are advaiable in the desktop boards)


          When a USB device is detected, the BIOS puts it into the boot order. (usually as the first boot device) 

          If you remove the USB device, it get removed.

          When you connect it again , it is detected as a new device and goes back into the boot order.


          Disabling USB boot or USB boot priority will fix this . (of course if you do want to boot to a USB device in the future, you need to re-enable it.