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    Intel 4965AGN Channels ?


      Hi All,


      Sorry for being a newb but I can't figure out from the Product Specifications which channels are supported by the Intel 4965AGN (802.11a/b/g/n) WiFi Wireless Link I have installed in my Toshiba P205 laptop.


      Some background: the Toshiba laptop "sees" all the neighbours' Wifi routers but not mine (and I am sitting next to it). Another laptop I have "sees" and uses the network fine. A bit of research showed me it is probably a channel issue: my WiFi box is emitting on Channel 13 but from what I have read certain WiFi cards can only work with channels going from 1 to 11.


      I could configure the router to emit on a channel between 1 to 11 but these are all clogged up in the neighborhood. So before using that as a measure of last resort I wanted to check if my wireless card on the laptop was even capable of receiving channels 12 or 13.


      Can't seem to find an answer anywhere...maybe it's the wrong question even.


      Thanks in advance for any feedback !






      PS: I have Windows Vista on that machine