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    "Not enough unpartitioned space to create a RAID volume". What can I do?


      I have a ICH9R chipset and use the Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9.


      I have been running for years with two 500 GB in RAID 1. They fail often (I think I changed 6 disks!) so I wanted to try another brand. I bought two 1TB disks and did mount one of the new disks to get it with the correct image.

      After that I removed the old one and changed the new one to "non RAID". With Paragon Partition Manager I increased the existing partitions and at the end I added the remaining capacity on the new disk to drive H.


      I'm following the Intel instructions on how to change from a small to a larger disk. According to that I now mount the second new disk and go to the Console and create a new volume from an existing disk. BUT, it will not do that because of missing "unpartitioned space". I have made the drives small to free partition space, but it does not help. If it can help, I can post a screen dump from the partition manager.


      I hope someone can help. I used three days to get this far!


      Kind regards, Claus