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    S5520SC Mobo and Dual GeForce GTX295 Video Cards


      Data on the S5520SC board states that I can only use up to 300 Watts for the video card, and if I want to use two video cards then they each can not exceed 150 Watts each.  I'm using GeForce Gigabyte GTX 295 video cards (each at 289 Watts).  When I install both of them, I get four beeps and the system doesn't boot.  But I have the auxillary power all taken care of (OCZ Technology 850W power supply that can cable two vidoe cards).  Shouldn't that get me around the "300 Watt" limit stated in the Mobo spec data?  What does 4 beeps mean for this board?  Any way to get around this (probably not, but have to ask... trying to make a killer workstation and wanted to use one video card per monitor for max performance kind of thing)?

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          I believe the 300w limitation is more related to the power suppy in the chassis listed than a board requirement.

          The same would apply to the "OCZ Technology 850W power supply that can cable two vidoe cards"


          Some rough numbers on power. (you can adjust for your configuration)

          2 -- 130 W processors  = 260w

          15 to 25 watt per DIMM (6 ?)  = 150W

          35 W per HDD / DVD   ( guessing 3?) =105w

          Mother board ~ 100W

          Your 2 killer video cards  600W


          1215 watts if you have a 100% effecent power supply. Most power supplys are about 80% effecent,  

          So you would need a 1500Watt power supply to run this configuration and then the power supply would be at maximum loading.

          I have never been one to red line any thing so would want to go to more like 2000W to have head room.


          Beepie beep beep beeping system!

          3 beeps is a fatal memory error.

          This system also beeps every time it finds a USB device during POST so you may want to check the POST LEDs to see if they are progressing, or stopped at an error.


          The beep codes are listed in Table 91 & 92 in the TPS http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5520sc/sb/e39530010_s5520sc_tps_r1_7.pdf


          I believe you will want to set the on-board video to disable in BIOS set-up to make sure you don't get any conflicts with the little native video controller on the board (that no one uses)