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    Changing Security Key and Password



      Last Christmas I received an Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN. I have lost all the paperwork that came with it, thus losing the security key (which was many many numbers and letters). I do, however, remember the passphrase but have never been prompted to use it.  I now have other devices such as an iPod Touch and a Nook that I would like to use my wireless network.  How can I add them, and how can I change the security key without messing everything up? I noticed online that it says to change the passphrase often but if I have never been prompted to use it, what difference will it make? Should I make the access open, add the two new devices, and then put the security back on? Is that possible if I have lost the original security key?


      Any help will be very much appreciated.


      Thank you.


      Dani Kebschull