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    DX58SO Motherboard...Is something missing?


      So I just got my Extreme DX58SO in the mail and im looking at the Motherboard and the instructions and notice the Auxiliary PCI Express graphics power connector isn't on the motherboard, just the outline of it. I asked a fellow associate and his is also missing and his Graphics card wont boot up...Is something missing?

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          I'm not sure what ver. board you have but the older ones used a 4 pin molnex, the newer ones use a SATA connector does the same thing.

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            Hi friend, Don´t worry for this pci-express moles conector, the last revision of our motherboard has removed of the board, but they keep the other one for the same purpose, you can find it in the botton of the board, at the left side, in the same lime of the pin conectors, it is equal to a sata electric conector, I mean it is a sata electric conector, but you most use it only if your video card uses more the 75 watts.

            Please forgive my english, I am learning this second languaje.


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