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    I7-950 Problem




      Zuerst einmal schöne Feiertage an alle.


      Nun zu meinem Problem, ich habe mir neue Hardware gekauft, darunter ein Mainboard Gigabyte X58A-USB3, einen I7-950 und dazu 4 GB Arbeitsspeicher Corsair DDR3 CL8 Dominator. Dies läuft alles unter Windows 7 32bit Version.

      Ich habe die Teile heute fachgerecht eingebaut und die Treiber des Mainboards installiert.

      Als ich den Leistunsindex unter Windows neu berechnen lies fiel mir auf, dass die Bewertung des Prozessors (alle anderen Programme geschloßen) bei 5,5 lag was unmöglich sein kann. Dies ist noch schlechter als die Bewertung meines alten Dualcore von Intel.

      Nun ist mir aufgefallen, als ich Call of Duty:Black Ops spielen wollte, dass das starten des Spiels sehr lange dauert, das Spiel sich zwischendurch aufhängt und online spielen nur unter sehr starkem ruckeln möglich ist, was bei dem Dualcore alles so gut wie reibungslos verlief.

      Ich weiß leider nicht mehr wo ich noch nach dem Fehler suchen soll und bräuchte deshalb hilfe.

      Des weiteren stürzt der PC jedesmal mit einem Bluescreen ab sobald ich das Programm Everest Home Edition starte. Damit wollte ich nach der Fehlerquelle suchen.


      MfG Dragon2203

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          and in english:




          First of all merry christmas to all.


          My problem is, that I bought new hardware, for example a Mainboard (Gigabyte X58A-USB3, an I7-950 and therfore 4GB Ram (Corsair DDR3 CL8 Dominator).

          The system runs with Windows7 32 bit version.

          I mounted the parts and installed the drivers for the mainboard.

          When I updated the "performance indicator" of Windows, I saw that the rating of my I7 (all other programs closed) was at 5,5 which is impossible. This rating is even worse than the rating of my old dualcore from Intel.
          I also recognized, when I wanted to play Call of Duty:Black Ops, that the game loads really slow, betwen loading it sometimes freezes completely and playing  online is just possible with many many lags (really unplayable). But before with the Dualcore I had almost no problem to play the game normally (and I didn't change any settings of the game now).
          I don't know where to look for the problem now and that's why I ask you to help me.
          ( I already downloaded "Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool" but he says the I7 works fine and passes...)
          Ps: By the way, I tried to look the temperature of the Cpu and if everything runs correct but when I started the programm "Everest Home Edition" I always get a Blue Screen and the PC restarts.


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            Any Idea to help me ?

            Ram is compatible with the rest infact it is designed for the i7 and is inserted correctly...

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              Win 7 preformance monitor should report 5 areas score. The "Base" score is the worst of the 5 areas.


              So, what are the scores for each of the areas?





              Gaming Graphics

              Primary HDD


              i.e My Laptop reports a 4.6 since the laptop graphic is a bit week. However the Processor reports a 6.8 and my HHD is doing 7.1

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                CPUID HWmonitor will give you info on teh cpu temp. http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html

                and CPUZ will give you info on your clock speed. http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html


                You may be running in SPEED STEP power saving mode, which clocks the CPU down to idle when not under a load.


                Make sure your POWER PLAN is set to Balanced (not Power Saver)

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                  Yeah I know...


                  Processor is 5.5

                  Memory 7.2

                  Graphics 7.4

                  Gaming Graphics 7.4

                  Primary HDD 5.9


                  So I got 5.5 from the processor.

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                    I'm sorry but I didn't find the speed step now.

                    But I found

                    core speed: 2160 MHz

                    Bus Speed: 134.9 MHz


                    Perhaps this helps you.

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                      I would say something is throttling your CPU ( my laptop is only a I5 - 540. You should blow me away)



                      1) Therimal is always my first guess. If the heatsink is not fully seated, the processor wil throttle itself so as to not burn up, but performace will suck.

                      CPUID hardware monitor should give you temps at idle, i would expect mid 30's readings.


                      2) Mother Board BIOS. If the BIOS is not current, many of the processor features may not be enabled. May sure you have the most current BIOS update loaded.


                      3) BIOS settings - The X58-usb3 has a number of BIOS setting that will impact performance. If you press F7 in BIOS set-up you will get the optimized BIOS settings. (if you press F6, you get the safe (and slow) BIOS settings)

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                        Looks like we are overlapping POSTS


                        Core speed is the speed the processor is running real time. It will throttle down under Speed Step to save on your electric bill when not needed and will go into turbo boost faster than the Rated CPU speed if overhead (thermal, cores, etc) are available. 


                        The question is If you monitor the core speed and click on the "Re-Run assesment" link in the bottom right cornor of the Performace and Information tool, does the core 1) stay in power save mode. 2) go to max rated speed 3) go to Turbo boost speed?

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                          The Bios is current, that was the first thing i looked for after inserting the new mainboard.


                          The Temps of the I7 in CPUID HW are shown

                          about 95°C (under value)

                          about 93°C  (under min)

                          about 98°C (under max)


                          The mainboard is

                          TMPIN0 34°C

                          TMPIN1 91°C

                          TMPIN2 46°C

                          under value

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                            "The question is If you monitor the core speed and click on the "Re-Run  assesment" link in the bottom right cornor of the Performace and  Information tool, does the core 1) stay in power save mode. 2) go to max  rated speed 3) go to Turbo boost speed?"


                            Where do I see if he stays in save mode? If I run CPU-z I can see the core speed but then I don't know if he stays in an save mode...

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                              I want to thank you as I got it now.

                              The Rating is ow 7.5 which should be ok.

                              I tested some things now everything is ok again.


                              In fact as mostly it was very stupid. As I posted the Temps I thought damn this is a little hot for a quadcore not doing anything than firefox...

                              I remembered a thing and checked if the cpu fan was installed correctly and the I saw that on one side it wasn't completely pushed down so I released it again completely and matched it again this time paying much attention on the click sound.


                              Now the temps are ok again and the other problems disappeared too.


                              Thank you very much

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                                That is why Thermals is #1 on my hit list.


                                It is very easy to not get the heat sink fully seated and they results (as you saw) is thermal throttling.


                                Have fun with that new system!