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    Is my system able to play Sims 3


      Hi. I'm not very computer literate - just a middle-aged mom trying to install Sims 3 on my daughter's aging computer.  I determined that it has a 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset family.  The Sims 3 box says the video has to be DirectX 9.0c compatible, which includes Intel GMA 3-series or GMA 4-series. I have no idea what this means or how to find out.  So ... can someone out there please tell me ... will Sims 3 work on this computer or not?  Thanks.

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          I doubt that you will be able to play it. What happens when you install it? the only thing you can do if you get to teh menu screen is set all the graphics to teh lowest. But as i said it is unlikely if you are using teh on board graphics that you will be able to play  it.

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            "DirectX 9 Compatible" is a GPU characteristic; your chipset will not have an effect. If you can find your GPU or display adapter, then we can be helping you to find if it is compatible. To find that out, open the Start menu, search for "device manager", and open. Then, expand the "Display Adapter" tab. Alternatively you could find a trial or demo and install, to see if it runs.