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    E5700 CPU compatible with MB for E4700 ?


      I bought an Intel E5700 Dual Core CPU new, in retail packaging from a vendor on Ebay. When I checked the website for my Gigabyte GA-945GCM(X)-S2

      motherboard, I must have made a mistake, because the board is much older (2007) than the CPU, and has not been validated with the E5700 CPU.


      It has been validated with the Intel E4700 CPU, which appears to be similar to the E5700, although slightly slower.


      If I don't attempt to install the CPU, I can return it, although if it will work, I'd rather install it.


      I don't care about whether speed-step technology or the power savings features work, I just want a faster CPU than the Pentium 4 (single core) that's

      on the motherboard now.


      Can anyone tell me if they think a motherboard that supports the E4700 will probably work with the E5700 CPU ?


      Thanks a million to anyone who can help !!