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    Power Supplay Requirements (SMPS)



         i have one doute,

      how much Watts support  correctly in my system(core   i5-760, BOARD - DH55TC, ATI Radeon Xpress  chipset-4350, 1GB,DDR3-2GB  Ram),500GB HDD.,i dont know to calulate  Power supplay watts requirements.

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          Enough 240 volots for i5 board just check with mother board book and cofirm and connect new smps


          good luck


          happy christmas

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            thank you,  same to you ,i wish u a many many happy christmas and happy new year...................


            i want to know about watts of power supplay. not volts, sir  i bought cooler master SMPS 400watts,

            but i have doute, is it enough for my system to work as better,my system is (core i5 760,board DHTTC,4350 ATI Graphics card 1 GB,DDR3-2GB Ram,500gb hard disk),can u help me about watts of my system not volts.