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    Power supply for SS4000E




      Don't know if I put this message in the right place. Anyway, I have a "Intel SS4000-E" NAS. A power overload in the house seems to have burnt the power supply. I have tested the power supply finding it not work. When I try to buy a replacement power supply it has been discontinued (as has the SS4000E). The power supply is ENP-2320 by Enhance Electronics. Some sites suggest to use the ENP-2322B instead however the pin config seems to be different as there is no -5V as on the ENP-2320. Can I use this power supply or which one shall I use? Or is it possible to buy a 2320 directly from Intel? Could I use a different power supply? What to think of in that case?


      I have a computer with a ASUS Sabertooth X58 moterboard that hosts a Intel ICH10R controller, Intel Matrix Storage Technology. Could I place my disks from the SS4000-E under the ICH10R controller without data loss? In the SS4000-E I used RAID 10 over for disks.


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