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    P4 Motherboard to reuse left-over equipment



      After a few years of working in a testing environment, I have accummulated quite a bit of hardware parts that I would like to reuse for some tasks. I know they do not have much resale value so might as well put them to use. I have been trying to locate an Intel motherboard that meets the following criteria:



      Support for Pentium 4 @ 3.02 socket 478 @533



      Up to 4 GB of PC-2700 RAM



      AGP 8X



      3 PCI-X slots



      At least 2 PCI slots



      The closest motherboards I have seen in that configuration are a Supermicro P4SCT and P4SCT+II but I wanted to try my luck with Intel. Unfortunately the site is not the friendliest when it comes to finding a motherboard and the naming convention has always left a lot to be desired.



      Thanks in advance.