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    WIFI Intel 5100 / Windows 7 64x + Drivers updated = Blue screen




      I have a PC on Windows 7 64x and the drivers intel 5100 never run correctly.


      Since a couple of day my PC can't boot because the driver for my Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN make blue screen when I boot (file error: NETwNs564.sys).


      So I reboot in safe mode, desactivate the peripherique and reboot, and after my PC ran correctly but without the Wifi.

      I test all the drivers of the Intel website. (Manual download and automatic check) but blue screen is the only answer


      Today I have the v - date 7/14/2010 but I downloaded the last driver from the website Intel file - date 29/11/2010


      If somebody could help me,

      Thx a lot and sorry for my little english