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    RAID contrloller  RS2WC040 and ESXi 4.*




      We try install ESXi 4.1 to our server . For our server we bought Intel
      RAID contrloller  RS2WC040 special by compatible reason with ESXi 4.1.
      But when we try install ESXi 4.1 to our hardware we have serious problem
      with this controller . We got it looking at the vmkernel.log .
      Screenshot we attach to this email.
      We find way to install ESXi . This is : first  login from DVD to Windows
      with this controller driver without any modification of hard disk;
      second- relogin to ESXi install programm without power reset. We can
      install ESXi to our hardware by this way only.
      But when we we restart our server with power reset we can't start ESXi
      any way other repeat step one how I describe upper.
      But I want setup ESXi without this problem.
      We try resolve this problem someself and update controller firmware to
      latest from Intel. But firmware update not resolve problem.
      Also we try change driver version for ESXi and do it without good result.
      I think , source of the problem isESXi driver for RS2WC040 controller.
      Windows driver for this controller can initialize this controller right
      , and after  this,  ESXi also can work with this controller well. But
      without Windows driver we cannot have access to out controller well at ESXi.
      Please help us. We cannot resolve this problem someself.


      We try install ESXi v4.0 and v4.1 and we add oem.tgz with drivers

      from ir3_Vmware-ESX4_drv_v4.12 .



      RAID Controller BIOS Version 4.15.00 (Build June 03, 2010)

      Intel RAID Controller RS2WC40

      FW package: 20.7.1-0016