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    GMA500 under Windows 7 32 bits


      Hello all,


      I have a hardware based on a US15W chipset (containing a GMA500) with 1 GB of DRAM and I want to use it under Windows 7 32 bits.

      Furthermore, I want to have OpenGL 2.0 support.


      I have two solutions :

        1. Install the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 Driver version : then, I don't have any OpenGL 2.0 support and the driver locks 150 MB of memory.

        2. Install Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (EMGD) version 1.5 (XPDM mode) : then, I have OpenGL 2.0 support and the driver locks 320 MB of memory.


      The issue is : when I install the same EMGD 1.5 driver on the same hardware, but under Windows XP SP3, then the driver doesn't lock any memory.


      I test the OpenGL 2.0 support using the following tool : http://www.realtech-vr.com/glview

      I test the memory usage of the driver using the following tools : Windows Task Manager + http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ff700229

      Does anyone have a clue for this memory usage difference, or a hint to lower it ?


      Thank you.

      Best regards,


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          Nobody from Intel to give me some clues ?


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            This chip in general isn't all that bad - the issue is with Intel support and drivers!!  I have the HP Slate 500 and I can't get it to play any videos without chop.  This cards is supposed to be able to do much better (1080i if I am not mistaken).  Also, most of the intel apps in the apps store won't even run due to poorly created (and supported) drivers. It is beyond me why you would have hardware that supports functions (like OpenGL) and then not have the drivers to support it.


            INTEL - your drivers are horrible!!!  Please fix this!!  The windows 7 drivers are 1/3 the performance as the XP test drivers (IEGD) in which multple issues then arrise when attempting to use.  Decent video playback would be a start but adding supported OpenGL would be even better.  The HP Slate seems to be a decent product only hindered by HP's decision to utilize Intel chips that aren't supported all that well.


            Based on the previous posts - it appears Intel isn't watching..........

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              Several posts mention work on OpenGL 2.0 into GMA500 for Windows 7 drivers for about a year now. Are there any news ?

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                I'm interrested two!

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                  For everyone interested in this topic : Intel has finally released in July 2011 a good GMA500 driver for Windows 7, driver version 2048. It comes with the following features :

                  - hibernation working

                  - DXVA / DXVA2 hardware acceleration

                  - D3D 10.1 and up

                  - Aero

                  - OpenGL 2.0 hardware accelerated !


                  Everything was working fine in my tests. You can get it on the Intel EMGD site.

                  Finally, thanks Intel !

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                    I have an HP Slate 500. This device runs on an Intel Z540 cpu and has the GMA500 graphics adapter.


                    I too have been searching for a better graphics driver for my slate. In particular, I am looking for a driver that supports both DirectX10.1 and OpenGL 2.0. I have tried the driver suggested by theprophet (EMGD 1.8) but my screen backlight does not work with that driver. Does anyone know (a how to determine why the backlight doesn't work or b) how to query the screen ports/timings/specifications so that I can correctly configure the driver?


                    Also, I installed the driver and, using DxDiag, I found that it lists the DDI version as 9ex. What gives? I thought this should be a DirectX10.1-capable driver.?? (I used a small flashlight to temporarily circumvent the non-backlight issue.)

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                      You should try the packages mentionned here :



                      Particularly, the 'GMA500 Graphics Driver by K' (http://forum.pocketables.net/showpost.php?p=76911&postcount=3) seems to work fine for many people.

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                        Thank you, theprophet, for your response and your suggestions. I have tried those drivers and, unfortunately, to the same effect as the prepackaged drivers that I downloaded from the Intel website. Can you direct me to documentation for the backlight settings in the driver. This should be something simple because this is the first driver that I have tried, where the backlight did not work. Every other driver, including older emgd driver and XP drivers worked on the slate.

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                          For me, using the packaged 'GMA500 Graphics Driver by K' driver, the proprietary software originally used to control the backlight does not work anymore ; instead, the Windows 7 integrated 'Windows Mobility Center' (which you can open pressing Windows key+X) let me easily define the backlight (and many other things) for every power scheme. I suggest you to try that.


                          There is another lead to follow : in this document (http://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/embedded/datashts/319537.pdf) you can find the configuration registers for the GMA500. The one named 'legacy backlight brightness' (p117 / 9.4.35) could work. Formerly, I was using IEGD or EMGD in XPDM mode on Windows 7, and in that configuration, the Windows Mobility Center did not allow setting the backlight. Therefore I wrote my own piece of software to configure the backlight using that configuration register, and everything worked perfectly. I can provide you my program and my source code if needed, feel free to send me a private message.


                          Hope this helps.

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                            Don't bother sending me the program... I got it the EMGD driver to work on my slate!


                            I used the EMGD Configuration editor, as I had tried before. What made it work this time is the backlight frequency. The default is zero and it works via PWM, so it didn't work at all. It is actually a wonder that it works at all for those builds that you pointed out to me.


                            Anyway, I now have WDDM 1.1 AND OpenGL 2.0 on my HP Slate 500. Yay for me. Shame on HP.

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                              Hello. I also have an HP Slate and would like to upgrade the vid driver, but  I don't understand how the EMGD package helps. It looks not like a driver package but a driver-builder package, is that true? If so, would you mind uploading the package you created, or the config settings you used in EMGD to generate yours? I'm not very hardware-savvy... Thanks!                   

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                                Please see this discussion on TabletPCReview. I detailed what I did to configure the driver and posted a download link to the driver itself.



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                                  Here the new driver for gma500 based on EMGD 1.10 (2208) for Windows 7.


                                  I hope it is useful for many.