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    Intel PM965 Express Chipset motherboard query




      My sons laptop ACER is based on the Intel PM965 Express Chipset. The other day he closed the machine down and now

      it won't boot up. All we get is a blank screen, it doesn't appear to enter POST and the hard drive starts for a second before going

      idle. I have followed the ACER support site plus others and tried the following:-



      Reset the power by removing the battery pack and holding down the power button.

      Tried to boot from a Windows disk.

      Followed various techie website thread for similar problems and none of the resolutions have worked.


      The only thing that I have done in the past on my desktop is to remove the CMOS battery, I have checked the motherboard and the

      Intel online PDF for the motherboard but cannot find any mention of a CMOS battery. Is there anyway of reseting the CMOS on the

      motherboard other than removing the battery? The motherboard id is DA0ZD1MB6F0.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Apologies if this is the incorrect arena for raising this query.