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    DP55WG The audio quailty is a major downgrade from DG965WH it replaced.


      The Sonic Focus effects (using the Intel Audio Studio application) were simply amazing. The DP55WG's Realtek's 889a chipset offers a quality Hd-Audio solution, but to my ears tlhe Hd-Audiio from my old DG865WH (Sigmatel 82xx & Sonic Focus effects) just sounds FAR SUPERIOR Emphasis on superior..


      The solution : Create a new Sonic Focus powered Intel Audio Studio application. I would easily pay $100 for such a application, it would be far cheaper than getting a new high end sound card. The Intel Media-Series boards should have superior sound; they used too!


      Asus Created a Win 7 64Bit driver for their Blackhawk Audio Studio  (which uses a C-Media chipset & the Sonic Focus effects) so It must  be possible..


      Very satisfied with the DP55WB motherboard in every other respect.

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          I feel Your frustration.


          I am also looking to find the last Audio Driver Update: Intel Desktop Board D965 Sigmatel (IDT) 92XX download that contains Intel Audio Studio 2.7 plus the Sonic Focus Encoders (that support the audio studio) for both Windows Vista and Windows XP.


          Currently, the Intel Audio Studio has been discontiuned (as Sigmatel is out of business), and no loner supported.  The Express Driver disk is currently no longer available, and  ALL websites are linked to the broken Intel download link - I can't find it anywhere.


          I contacted Intel Support - no luck.