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    Core i5 and WinDVD: "Playback with current display driver is not supported."


      I have recently purchased and installed Corel WinDVD 2010.
      When I try to play a bluray disc I get this error:

      "Playback with current display driver is not supported.
      Please update to an appropriate display driver."

      What does this error mean?


      I use the Intel i5 integrated HD graphics, so I have no separate graphics card in my pc. I am running version of the Intel HD graphics(Core i5) driver.

      Any ideas what could be wrong?


      Bjørn Holm


      My system:

      Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
      Motherboard: MSI H55M-ED55 WIFI H55 Socket-1156
      Processor: Intel Core i5 Dual Processor i5-650
      Ram: 4GB
      Video Card: Intel Core I5 integrated HD graphics
      Sound_card: MSI H55M-ED55 integrated sound card
      Hard_Drive_Capacity: 1 TB

      Optical: Lite On iHOS104 Blue-RAy reader+