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    Se7520AF2 will not boot.


      I have one of these motherboards built into SC5300 chassis. When I attempt to boot up it gives one short beep and the all four diagnostic leds on the back panel go to amber. There is no screen display.


      I really don't know where to strat looking.

      The chassis is a SC5300LX with dual power supply and 4 fans.

      Mostly it will start at power on and not wait for the power button.


      Can someone give me a lead to follow please.




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          Four amber diagnostic LEDs translates to POST code FF. Doesn't look good, most likely the board is dead.


          You can start with minimal configuration - one CPU, one DIMM and PSU, remove all other components. Try the Rolling BIOS Bank Selection Jumper: Move the jumper on J2J6 (next to the SATA headers) to position 2-3 to force the board to boot from BIOS Bank0.


          You may also try BIOS recovery:


                                  BIOS RECOVERY INSTRUCTIONS
          1. Build Recovery media by preparing a formatted storage such as USB flash
          2. Rename ALIEF0xx.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM and copy AMIBOOT.ROM to USB key.
          3. Set Recovery Boot Jumper J1D1 (10-11).
          4. Insert the Recovery DOS bootable media.
          5. Power on system; during recovery update no video will be displayed.
          6. Once flash udpate is complete, power off system and set jumper back to
             Normal mode J1D1 (9-10).
          a. If system ROM is damaged (e.g. BAD checksum ), the system will perform
             BIOS recovery automatically. 
          b. Jumper J2J3 (BIOS bank selection override) should set to pins 1-2 to select
             the correct BIOS flash bank.
          c. The recovery only supports the storages of both type 12 & FAT16.
          d. DiskOnKey should have a FAT12 partition and be formatted in DOS. One method
             is to boot with floppy and do the following at the DOS prompt:
             A> format b: /s .  (DiskOnKey being device b: in this example).