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    Intel 5100AGN - Removal problems of old driver!

      Hello all,


      Unfortunately, Intel has a very bad driver design!

      I want to install the newest version of the wireless driver but that ain't possible as it wants to remove the old driver first which also fails as the installer file seems no longer available.


      WHY ON EARTH can't Intel make one handy file that removes the old driver and installs the new one nor does it provide a removal tool to remove old drivers when the msi is no longer available?!


      I think the software developers at Intel should take some lessons at NVidia on how to make it right!

      There you never have any problems. Download the file, Install and everything else is done by the Setup.


      Hassle-free up-to-date installations.


      Sad but true: Intel has not yet learned how to make customer-friendly drivers!