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    i7 950 temperature

      I just built a new machine with the i7 950 cpu with the asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard.  I have it sitting at the Hardware monitor, I want to see how the temperature is going and it has slowly crept up to 50C.  The motherboard is at 46C.  From what I have read, I thought the idle temperature should be nearer to 46C.  Can the temperature increase be due to too much thermal grease?  I have used 1600 XMS3 Memory and have clocked the memory to this in the bios.  What else could cause this high of an idle temperature?

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          If the Mother Board is  at 46 and the CPU is at 50, you have fantastic therimal cooling.


          P.S. Don't know about an Asus mother board, but 46 is way too hot for most mother board. Mother boards are normaly mid 30's with CPU 5 to 10 deg hotter at idle.


          How are the chassis fans doing and are the blowing in the correct direction to push air through the chassis?