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    no graphics driver for i5 and Windows Server 2008 R2?



      a few months ago I build up a new machine for home work. The main use for it is Win7 and Visual Studio / Expression Studio. The i5 with its build in graphics was a cost efficient decision. Parallel a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation serves for a short look on server technologies. Now I bought a 24" display to have more room for all the visual studio windows. On Win7 everything is fine. But on the Server only standard resolution are available because there is no graphics driver from Intel. The result is a not usable picture, because text is blurred.


      Is Intel planning to deliver a graphics driver for their cpu internal graphics and Windows Server 2008 R2? It would be nice not to be forced to use enterprise hardware on development environments.



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          I'm experiencing same difficulty...


          On my HP Proliant ML110 G6 (Chipset 3420 - CPU Pentium G6950 - Windows 2008 R2 Entreprise) the graphics working good only at a maximum of 1024x768 pixels with default Microsoft's drivers.

          It's impossible have better resolution because Intel HD Graphics drivers are not compatible with Windows 2008 R2.


          This is the log of my try-out installation with the lastest official Intel HD Graphics drivers ( :

          >>> 12/20/2010 06:53:18:876
          [Install Configuration]
            Installer Version:
            Compile date = Mon Nov  1 13:02:06 2010
            OS command line = "C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Setup.exe"
            Effective command line =
            Windows Version = Windows 2008
            Platform = 64 bit
            Core Version = 3.0.1 (IIF2++)
            System up time = 1100 sec
            Source: C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212
            0401 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\ar-SA\setup.exe.mui
            0405 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\cs-CZ\setup.exe.mui
            0406 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\da-DK\setup.exe.mui
            0407 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\de-DE\setup.exe.mui
            0408 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\el-GR\setup.exe.mui
            0409 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\en-US\Setup.exe.mui
            040B - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\fi-FI\setup.exe.mui
            040C - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\fr-FR\setup.exe.mui
            040D - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\he-IL\setup.exe.mui
            041A - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\hr-HR\setup.exe.mui
            040E - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\hu-HU\setup.exe.mui
            0410 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\it-IT\setup.exe.mui
            0411 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\ja-JP\setup.exe.mui
            0412 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\ko-KR\setup.exe.mui
            0414 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\nb-NO\setup.exe.mui
            0413 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\nl-NL\setup.exe.mui
            0415 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\pl-PL\setup.exe.mui
            0416 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\pt-BR\setup.exe.mui
            0816 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\pt-PT\setup.exe.mui
            0418 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\ro-RO\setup.exe.mui
            0419 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\ru-RU\setup.exe.mui
            041B - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\sk-SK\setup.exe.mui
            0424 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\sl-SI\setup.exe.mui
            041D - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\sv-SE\setup.exe.mui
            041E - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\th-TH\setup.exe.mui
            041F - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\tr-TR\setup.exe.mui
            0804 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\zh-CN\setup.exe.mui
            0404 - C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Lang\zh-TW\setup.exe.mui
            User default LangID: 0x40C
            User default UI language: 0x40C
            Loaded language 040C
          [Checking requirements]
            Checking for admin rights
            Admin rights OK
            Checking OS
            OS check OK
            Checking .NET configuration
            .NET check OK
          [Scanning drivers]
            Scanning drivers
            Found INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Graphics\kit30302.inf
            Found INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\ibxHDMI\IntcDAud.inf
            Found INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\IIPS\Impcd.inf
            [INF Info]
              INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Graphics\kit30302.inf
          *   Section <PackageInfo> Key <Sequence> not found in INF
              Date = 11/12/2010
              Version =
              ClassGUID = {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
              PackageInfo.Name = Graphics
              PackageInfo.Sequence = 0
              Manufacturer = Intel.Mfg,NTamd64
              Resolved Manufacturer = Intel.Mfg.NTamd64
              Inf supports 64 bit.
              Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics
              HardwareID = iILKM0,PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0046
              Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics
              HardwareID = iILKD0,PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0042
            [INF Info]
              INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\ibxHDMI\IntcDAud.inf
          *   Section <PackageInfo> Key <Name> not found in INF
          *   Section <PackageInfo> Key <Sequence> not found in INF
              Date = 10/15/2010
              Version =
              ClassGUID = {4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
              PackageInfo.Name =
              PackageInfo.Sequence = 0
              Manufacturer = Intel,NTAMD64.6.0,NTAMD64.6.1
              Resolved Manufacturer = Intel.NTAMD64.6.1
              Inf supports 64 bit.
              Description: Son Intel(R) pour écrans
              HardwareID = IntcDAudModel7,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2804&SUBSYS_80860101,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2804
              Description: Son Intel(R) pour écrans
              HardwareID = IntcDAudModel7,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2805&SUBSYS_80860101,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2805
            [INF Info]
              INF = C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\IIPS\Impcd.inf
          *   Section <PackageInfo> Key <Name> not found in INF
          *   Section <PackageInfo> Key <Sequence> not found in INF
              Date = 02/26/2010
              Version =
              ClassGUID = {4D36E97D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
              PackageInfo.Name =
              PackageInfo.Sequence = 0
              Manufacturer = IntelDevice,ntamd64
              Resolved Manufacturer = IntelDevice.ntamd64
              Inf supports 64 bit.
              Description: Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Driver
              HardwareID = Impcd,PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3B32
            Removed C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\Graphics\kit30302.inf
            Removed C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\ibxHDMI\IntcDAud.inf
            Removed C:\Users\Administrateur\Downloads\Win7Vista_64_15212\IIPS\Impcd.inf
            Checking 4 part DID's
            4ID check OK
          !   Didn't find any INF's that match active hardware
          IIF will NOT initiate reboot
          Exit code = 0xA005
          ResultCode = 40965
          <<< 12/20/2010 06:53:20:904

          Hewlett Packard doesn't have any solution because there is no Intel HD Graphics official driver compatible.


          Windows compatibility mode doesn't working in Vista or Windows 2008/SP1 modes.


          I'm surprised theses drivers not working though Windows 2008 R2 share the same kernel and software base as Windows 7 64 bits !


          Can someone could help me, please ?




          Sylvain Lion


          Edit : It could be same problem with Core i3, i5 and maybe future i7 and all modern Intel HD Graphics chipsets...

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            I have understand my problem...


            It's not related to CPU, but onboard graphic chip accompanying Intel 3420 chipset. A Matrox G200(eW).


            This GPU doesn't benefit official support and driver from Matrox after Windows XP. Microsoft offer a limited support (but functional) of this card with default VGA driver.




            I hope my experience can help...

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              i am using Intel DH55TC motheboard. Intalling Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit but not intalling graphics drivers.

              pls give me solution.