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    I have a problem with the Intel Update Utlility

      Ok so, I used the Intel Update Utility program to update my graphics driver and it told me that a new version for my graphics driver was available. I downloaded the new version and installed it. After doing all this, i went back to the website and used the Intel Update Utility again to check if there was anything else to update. The program showed that there was a new version for my graphics driver again, even though I had just downloaded and installed the new graphics driver. I once again clicked, downloaded and then proceeded to  install the update. I once more used the Update Utility program and it showed me the same thing. So now im confused if this is some sort of bug in the Update Utility program or if the update I downloaded has installed correctly or installed at all.intel graphics.jpg

      This is the update that keeps showing every time I use the Intel Update Utility program.




      Im not sure if this information is useful or not. Im not sure if I have the latest update installed or not.




      Im new to this, this is in fact the first question i've done online about any technical issues i've had.

      Feel free to ask me questions about my computer and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.


      Thank you for taking your time in reading my question and answering if you can.