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    D865GLC won't stay in hiberation/sleep mode


      with bios=BF86510A.86A.0077.P25, running the onboard intel pro 1000 ethernet, WIN XP PRO SP3 and if it matters running on a KVM switch

      I have tried all the combinations of

      Wake up on PCI PME = power on

      ACPI suspend state = both S1 and S3

      Wake on LAN from S5 = power on

      I invoke the windows standby, and get a going into standby message, monitor goes dark, but the processor

      and power supply fans never stop, and at some seemingly random point it comes out of standby with the xp

      login screen.

      I'm trying to get it to go into standby and stay there until sending the magic packet thing. but of course

      have to get it to stay in standby first.

      and while on the subject, I know this isn't the main place but if I do get everything working, and a magic packet

      wakes up the pc, and then it goes to the login function, how does one access the pc to get to the login screen

      to complete the login and get pc in fully running mode?