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    Intel HD drivers for Sony notebook


      Is it ok to install the Intel HD graphics drivers directly from Intel.com website instead of using the Sony esupport drivers website? I noticed that the Intel HD drivers on intel is more current and I wanted to use it to upgrade my current video driver. I know I might have to uninstall the current drivers and then install the newer drivers from intel to make it install right but I wanted to make sure that I would have no problems on my computer using the latest drivers from Intel's website.


      This is the model of my Sony notebook.







      I used the Automatically identify and find drivers thing and ran it and it said.


      Product Detected Intel® HD Graphics
      Current Driver Installed 8.15.0010.2182
      A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.


      Should I just ignore this and go ahead and download the latest drivers from Intel?




      Now I did talk to Sony tech support and they said something about all Sony notebooks are OEM drivers and they said they recommend to only download them from esupport website.





      Latest drivers from Sony website


      Version :


      Last Modified :




      This is the latest version from Intel.com website






      As you see the Intels website is more current. But is it still best to use the older version Sonys custom made driver? I would assume soon Sony will update there drivers but I just wanted to know if it's ok to just uninstall the Sony drivers and install Intels drivers that is more updated.


      Someone did say to ignore the 8.15.10 part since that's the Sony driver numbers and they said look at the rest of the numbers. Like 2182 vs 2246 from Intel. Eather way it seems like the Intel is newer than Sonys.




      I just need to know that forsure it will work right using the Intel drivers instead of the Sony drivers. Now I do know I need to uninstall the Sony driver and then install the Intel drivers to work since if I don't it won't let me install the Intel drivers. It will say this.


      "The driver been installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.


      Setup will exit"

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          Sorry if I made you guys confused but basicly I need to know is that is it completely safe to use the drivers directly from intel even it says my current drivers are custom made from Sony?

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            As a matter of fact, i had the same dilemma when i wanted to update my integrated graphics drivers for my Dell Optiplex GX620 Workstation machine and to be honest with you i had some problems when updating my driver from a local Intel site instead of regular support site for my Dell machine. Not to get confused by this, i mean i am not saying that drivers from Intel site are bad and from Dell site are great, my point is that every time that Intel sends a new driver version on the internet, he sends them also to the PC manufacturers who have businesses with them, then manufacturers test those drivers and make proper adjustments for their own products. My advice to you that if you have a brand desktop PC or laptop, or even netbook always update your drivers via your original manufacturers page, in case of the Intel technology, i also think that the AMD has those issues as well, so be patient wait for the newest driver to be available on the manufacturers support page, till then use your older driver.


            Hope it helps


            Best regards

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              So does this mean to never use drivers that is from Intel for my graphics card? Allways use drivers from Sony since I have a Sony notebook? What happens if I use the drivers from Intel instead of the OEM drivers from Sony? Will my computer not work right? Some people have said that it will work using the Intel drivers but I will have to uninstall the OEM driver and then install the Intel HD driver from Intel.com website. But do you think I should just use the OEM drivers from Sony forsure? just making sure

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                It happened to me that when i wanted to install the newest drivers from an Intel site for my VGA, because those on Dell's site somehow were older about 2 years that those on Intel's hehe can you imagine that and what happened is that I installed a fresh OS on my PC, went to the Intel site, downloaded it and my graphics somehow got so silly, i couldn't adjust my resolution it was always below 8bit's. First i thought it happened because of the system,but then i reinstalled it again, with the same problem i also used Windows Update to update my graphics, but then the problem went on and on, so I finally decided hell let i use those old drivers I don't need newest drivers either because i have couple of computers you know, because i repair computers and stuff, hehe so it's really cool having your on IT Workshop,giving me the time to test all those glitches that come with the OS,drivers,hardware or anything else. My opinion is maybe it was because of the Dell machine i don't know, you can try installing newest Intel driver on your Sony laptop, but first reinstall that OEM driver that came with your laptop, but in any case save a hardcopy (i mean the installation of the original OEM driver-if something goes wrong) and of course you can use system restore if you have it enabled on your system . So try it out, don't be scared because i got an error, but then again, in future whenever are you looking for program for your hardware, always visit OEM pages first, if that doesn't help then use the hardware manufacturer page that's how I do that.

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                  So I guess you are saying is that try my best to use OEM drivers and then if I have no choice because for example the OEM drivers are not been updating anymore or the model is discontinued then use the Intel drivers from Intel's website right? Or should I just always use the OEM drivers even if the model gets discontinued? It seems like you are saying that OEM drivers are designed the best for my computer since they did some adjustments and made it work best for my system. If this is what you are saying then I should just use the OEM drivers to make sure everything will work correctly.

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                    Yep, always use OEM drivers in general, but if you get any problems with them then you can always find them on original product makers page, in this case i'm talking about Dell-Intel relation, because every time Dell get's new drivers from his partner Intel, they test them on their machines and of course put some of their own work like and application or so so there you have it.

                    Hope it helps friend